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Guide rollers

  • Two different treads
  • Extrathane tread: quiet, low rolling resistance, trackless, highly abrasion resistant
  • Polyamide 6 tread: breakproof, low rolling resistance, highly abrasion resistant
  • Can be used on e.g. conveyor belts or doors
Special features:

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Tread light brown Extrathane® Shore 92A or white polyamide 6 Shore 80D.
The tread is firmly bonded onto a ball bearing.

Extrathane tread: quiet running, low roll resistance, elastic, gentle on floors, very wear resistant, high cut and tear resistance, non-marking, non-staining.

Polyamide 6 tread: unbreakable, very low roll resistance, light running on smooth floors, very wear resistant.
Uses: conveyor belts, doors, etc.
Other sizes on request.