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Swivel castors compact version

  • 2x ball bearing
  • Ball protection
  • Polyurethane roller: quiet, low rolling resistance, floor protecting
  • Polyamide roller: very low roll and swivel resistance, very abrasion resistant
Special features:

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Housing steel plate, trivalent blue passivated.
Roller light brown polyurethane, Shore 92 A
or white polyamide, Shore 80 D.
Housing press formed.
Swivel castor housing with 2x ball bearing in the swivel head and ball shield.
Roller with two pressed-in ball bearings.
Wheel axle bolted.

Polyurethane roller: low-noise, low rolling resistance, elastic, floor-protecting, very wear resistant , non-staining.

Polyamide roller: very low roll and pivot resistance, smooth running on smooth floors, very wear resistant.